The Elephant & Castle Inn

Free House where Real Beer meets Real Friends

The Elephant & Castle Inn

Free House where Real Beer meets Real Friends

Food Specials this coming weekend

We will be serving fresh Moules and Frites Friday and Saturday evening (12/13th Aug) so come along and enjoy some lovely Suffolk seafood.

Please note that we will not be serving food on Sunday 14th August.

Una Serata Italiana

After MikeT’s well digested French offering next up to the hob is Lucia L with an Italian themed menu.
Serata Italiana
This evening is very nearly fully booked already so book soon so as not to be disappointed!

Hawaiian Night Madness!

Having only just recovered from our amazing Hawaiian night I’ve finally put together a few photos for you to enjoy!

Our two Hula girls Lauren and Flora waiting to greet all our Hawaiian evening guests.

A couple of the lads who also wanted to be Hula girls for the night!


The locals getting into the spirit of things!



A little later in the evening things got a lot more adventurous!



As you can see, the great food, wine and beer got people into the mood for some serious Hawaiian fun!

New Payment Facility

For many years not much changed in Eyke however, with the Fibre Internet explosion taking place in the village we are proud to announce that you can now pay us via Paypal.

We are the first business in Eyke to accept Paypal payments using your Paypal account, Visa or MasterCard.

So when you’re ready to settle up your tab just let us know which method of payment you prefer to use.